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Have you ever given your scissors to a sharpener only to have them return not the same or barely working? If this bothers you, HairWhisper has a solution.

HairWhisper offers a sharpening and refurbishing service for your shears and clippers. The process uses proprietary technologies in order to resurface your cutting implements and make them work like new or better!

The service is not limited to HairWhisper items, or products purchased at HairWhisper. Almost any scissor or clipper blade is accepted.

This process is done in our manufacturing facility, so the same machinery that made your HairWhisper shears are used to refurbish them. This guarantees that you'll love the results.

The service costs $40 plus tax and shipping for scissors and offers 3-5 business day turnaround with loners available in store.*

For more information, please contact us to arrange service for your tools.


*If the cutting implement is especially worn or damaged, there may be an additional fee.